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    Sand Dollar Blog

    BIRKENSTOCK Youtube - From footbeds to sleep systems

    BIRKENSTOCK Youtube - From footbeds to sleep systems

    As the inventor of the footbed, BIRKENSTOCK has been synonymous with well-being and exceptional comfort for quite some time thanks to its core functional orthopedic expertise. It has long been a wish of ours to complement our anatomically shaped footbeds with anatomically shaped beds. We want you to not only lie as comfortably as possible in the future, but also to get a great night’s sleep – with the new BIRKENSTOCK sleep systems.

    Magical Christmas Toy Drive

    Magical Christmas Toy Drive

    Magical Christmas Toy Drive

    The Magical Christmas Toy Drive is a partnership with Salvation Army of Coastal Alabama and Pensacola Salvation Army.



    Last year our stations, and its partners were able to provide over 25,000 new unwrapped toys for needy, local area children! This year, we need your help to provide even more!  We are looking for toys for boys and girls aged from newborns up to 12 years old.



    Toys are collected at various locations (Listed Below) throughout counties in Alabama, Florida, and Mississippi.  Any toy collected in Alabama will go to children in Alabama, and toys provided in Florida will stay in Florida.



    The Magical Christmas Toy Drive will assure that boys and girls all across the gulf coast of Alabama and Northwest Florida have the Christmas they deserve and will make sure that no child goes without something under the tree Christmas morning.






    Clubs, organizations, associations, schools, businesses and neighborhood groups can help in a big way!  Group efforts are a lot of fun and a wonderful way to collect larger numbers of toys for the Gulf Coast’s less fortunate kids.






    A large percentage of the toys are donated by individuals just like you! It’s also a tremendous family project. Have your kids pick out the toys and bring them to the WKRG or any of our Drop-Off locations. There are tremendous emotional rewards from involving the whole family.



    How Do You Hunt?™ - The Sights And The Sounds

    How Do You Hunt?™ - The Sights And The Sounds

    Steeped in heritage and tradition, hunting flooded timber is a truly unique experience. For Drake Elite Team members Trey Crawford and Freddy King, hunting flooded timber is much more than a passion. Discover how flooded timber hunting has shaped their lives, and why it continues to call them back to the woods season after season.

    Yeti with Alabama ties

    Yeti with Alabama ties

    Jack Sanders was certain he found the perfect remodeling project for his senior architecture thesis. But an outsider’s view on what was needed for a rural Alabama baseball team required a different approach, one that derived from the inside out. In the end, his unorthodox approach led him to discover how a community built on passion and innovation is what legacies are made of. And he followed suit.


    Directors - Scott Ballew and Ben Knight

    Producers - Travis Rummel and Bradley Beesley

    Executive Producer - Scott Ballew

    Cinematography - Ben Knight, Paul Pryor, Bradley Beesley, Travis Rummel, Jack Sanders, Sam Douglas

    Editors - Ben Knight

    Special Thanks - Sam Douglas, Ryan Oconnor, Dave Mead

    Original Music by - Dan Dyer and Jesse Woods

    Music by - Mr Green Lightnin Hopkins and Asleep at the Wheel