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    Sand Dollar Blog — yeti

    Yeti with Alabama ties

    Yeti with Alabama ties

    Jack Sanders was certain he found the perfect remodeling project for his senior architecture thesis. But an outsider’s view on what was needed for a rural Alabama baseball team required a different approach, one that derived from the inside out. In the end, his unorthodox approach led him to discover how a community built on passion and innovation is what legacies are made of. And he followed suit.


    Directors - Scott Ballew and Ben Knight

    Producers - Travis Rummel and Bradley Beesley

    Executive Producer - Scott Ballew

    Cinematography - Ben Knight, Paul Pryor, Bradley Beesley, Travis Rummel, Jack Sanders, Sam Douglas

    Editors - Ben Knight

    Special Thanks - Sam Douglas, Ryan Oconnor, Dave Mead

    Original Music by - Dan Dyer and Jesse Woods

    Music by - Mr Green Lightnin Hopkins and Asleep at the Wheel